Currency converter

Information about currencies and exchange rates

Tiendeta has a currency converter that allows you to calculate the price of the product in the currency required.

The reference currency is the EUR and the exchange rate between the euro and any other currency (f.e. the Pound) is updated twice a day by remote connection to our provider of this financial information.

As the EUR is the reference currency, prices in other currencies may vary slightly from one day to another due to the supply market and demand of this market (Forex market). Prices in other currencies should not suffer large variations if the value of those currencies remain stable.

Presentation of prices in currencies by geolocation

Our marketplace is multi-currency, which means that prices can be presented in the currency of the country you want and that is available in our currency converter.

But the real functionality of our currency converter is that our system detects the country of origin of each user who visits our marketplace and presents the prices in their currency. This is achieved by geolocation of the user’s IP. Let’s give an example:

  • If an Englishman visits Tiendetea from somewhere in the United Kingdom, prices will be shown in Pounds (£)
  • If an Englishman visits Tiendetea from any country in the euro zone, prices will be shown in EUR (€). However, the user will have the option to pay his purchases in pounds at the exchange rate established at that time.

Which countries are configured by geolocation?

Our developers are constantly working on improving the marketplace and we will be including the main countries in the world. At the moment there are the United Kingdom and the nineteen countries in the euro zone; Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal.