Privacy Policy

In compliance with current legislation, embodied in the European Data Protection Regulation of May 25, 2018, on the protection of Personal Data (PDOL), whose purpose is to guarantee and protect, in relation to the processing of personal data, freedoms and fundamental rights of natural persons, and especially their personal honor and privacy, we inform you below about the following aspects about our Privacy Policy :

1. Who is responsible for the protection of your personal data?

Rentability & Markets, S.L., Goya Avenue nº 19, 50006 – Zaragoza, Spain (, we) is responsible for this website and for all (mobile) applications that refer to this Privacy Policy. Tiendetea undertakes to assume full responsibility for the protection and security of your personal data.

2. What personal data is collected?

All our activities are based on strict ethical principles and we are committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our website and our (mobile) applications. For this reason, the way we collect and store information depends on how our website is used and related services.

2.1 Data collected through your interaction with us

Several technologies are used in our websites and (mobile) applications to improve them, make them easier to use, more efficient and safe. These technologies may involve automatic data collection, both by us and by third parties on our behalf. Examples of such technologies are cookies, flash cookies and web analytics.

2.1.1 Navigation data

A visit to one of our websites causes data to be sent from your browser to our server. These data allow us to optimize our services and improve your experience on our websites and applications. The data is automatically collected and stored by us or by third parties on our behalf. This data may include, in particular, the following:

  • the user’s IP address
  • the date and time of the visit
  • the referral URL (the site the visitor comes from)
  • the pages visited on our website
  • Information about the browser used (type and version of the browser, operating system, etc.)

2.1.2 ¿What should you know about cookies

First… ¿ what are cookies??

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. For the purposes of this section, we will use “cookies” as a generic concept for techniques such as cookies, Flash cookies, Web beacons and JavaScript. Cookies do not take up much space and are automatically deleted when they expire. Some cookies expire at the end of your Internet session, while others are stored for a limited time.

Secondly… ¿why do we use cookies?? uses cookies to ensure that your visit to our website is as pleasant as possible. There are different types of cookies with different uses. Some simply allow you to browse the website and see certain features. Some give us an idea about your browsing experience, for example when you have trouble finding what you are looking for, so that we can improve and make your next visit as pleasant as possible.

Thirdly… what are the different types of cookies we use

The most important cookies are the necessary cookies. These are essential and help you navigate the website and use the basic functions. Then there are the functional cookies that allow you to save your shopping cart, create a wish list and save your shipping data for a faster purchase process. We use performance cookies to improve our website. We also like to show you relevant offers. To manage this, we collect navigation data. Interaction cookies allow you to interact with social media or send comments. Targeted cookies These cookies collect your preferences to show relevant ads outside of suppliers sites. Below, you will find a more detailed summary of the types of cookies used:

  1. NEEDED COOKIES; They are essential and help you navigate, move around the website and see certain functions, that is, these cookies ensure that your basket is stored during all the steps of your purchase process.
  2. FUNCTIONAL COOKIES; they serve to allow us to offer you an even more satisfying customer experience. These cookies help you save and remind you of your shopping cart and allow you to create a wish list.
  3. PERFORMANCE COOKIES; they help us understand the buying behavior of our visitors. This allows us to continue improving our website to make the purchase easier and more enjoyable for you.
  4. INTERACTION COOKIES; they are used to express their opinion. We love knowing what you think about our products, our website and about us in general. These cookies will allow you to express if you like or recommend us on social media and chat with our service operators. But you can also advise our (potential) other customers by rating and evaluating our products.
  5. DIRECTED COOKIES; They will remember your product and purchase preferences. We believe that relevance is essential in advertising. These cookies allow us to share your preferences with our advertisers. So, when you browse for example on Google, the ad you see may be better suited to your preferences.

And finally … what happens if you don’t like cookies?

You can change your browser settings to delete or prevent cookies from being stored on your computer or mobile device without your express consent. The ‘help’ section of your browser should give you information on how to manage your cookie settings. Discover here how it works for your browser:

2.2 Data provided by you

In addition to the data that is collected automatically, we also process the data you provide to us. This includes, without a thoroughness:

  • Your contact information, including your first and last name, address (billing or delivery), date of birth and email address and your phone number. We need your email address and phone number to be able to contact you if we have questions or information about your order.
  • Other information necessary to process your order, such as information about the products you have ordered, the billing and delivery address and the payment details corresponding to your order.
  • If you have created an online profile, the preferences and interests stored in this profile.
  • If you have contacted customer service, the details and history of that contact.

All these data are characterized because it is you who provides the information. We use this information for the purposes described in this privacy policy. You can at any time correct your personal data and object to their continued processing (see section 5).

3. How are the collected data used?

We will use your personal data for purposes related to your order; For example, to notify you of the status of your order or delivery. We may use your data to assess your creditworthiness, for which we may use third parties.

If you have provided us with your personal data in relation to a promotion, event, application (mobile), etc., we may send you emails and other messages related to the service you have requested.

If you contact customer service, we will use your personal data (including your contact history) so that customer service can process your request and provide the best possible service.

If you have given us your personal data during a sale of a product or service, we will inform you about similar products or services. We may also contact you to ask for your opinion after a sale of a product or service. If a sales process is interrupted, we will send you a reminder email. You can unsubscribe immediately and free of any of these notifications by clicking on a link in the corresponding email or other message (see below in section 5).

With your express consent we can contact you through the contact information provided by you (including by regular mail, email, SMS, telephone or by any other electronic means) for marketing, advertising and opinion studies purposes of Tiendetea. This includes, for example, information related to Tiendetea products, e-commerce activities, special offers, promotions, as well as information on opening more stores, store activities of the Rentability & Markets Group, S.L. or other events. In order to contact you regarding information that is of special interest to you, we will analyze and use your overall interaction with Tiendetea and Rentability & Markets, S.L. (such as your shopping behavior in our virtual stores, your use of loyalty programs, your ratings and product evaluations, your contact history with our customer service department, your opening results and clicks on the newsletter news, your browsing behavior (web tracking), the types of newsletters you are subscribed to, your participation in promotions or events and your use of (mobile) applications. We may provide your contact information to Rentability & Markets, S.L. for marketing, advertising and opinion studies. In section 5 you will find information about your rights, for example how you can withdraw your consent or correct your personal data.

4. Information Disclosure

One of our fundamental principles is that we will treat your data with care and confidentiality. We will not sell your data to third parties. If required by law, your data will be disclosed to third parties. As long as the applicable legislation permits, we may transfer your data to other companies of the Rentability & Markets, S.L ..

We may use service providers and data processors that work on behalf of Tiendetea. Services may include system hosting and maintenance services, analysis services, email messaging services, delivery services, payment transaction management, solvency and address controls, etc. These third parties are granted access to said personal data that they need in order to provide the corresponding service. Service providers and data processors are contractually obligated to treat the information with the strictest confidentiality. In addition, they are contractually prohibited from using the data in any way other than that required. The necessary steps have been taken to ensure that our service providers and processors working on behalf of Tiendetea protect the confidentiality of your data. There may be times when we disclose non-personal data to our clients anonymously. This non-personal data includes, for example, information about the number of visitors to a website or application (mobile) during a certain period of time. Generally, this information is only revealed in a grouped way.

5. Your rights

If you provide us with personal data through our websites or other channels, this is done completely voluntarily. If you choose not to provide the requested information, you will not be able to access certain customer benefits. In some cases, only the people who have provided us with the necessary personal data will be able to order products, use certain services and take advantage of other activities and offers available on our website and application (mobile). As transparency and fair play are particularly important issues for us, we offer several options depending on the specific circumstances, in order to help you maintain control over your data. These options may include displaying and editing your data online. They can also include unsubscribing from certain services or deleting user accounts or receiving information about saved data.

5.1 Opposition rights and unsubscribe

The emails that Tiendetea sends you that, for example, contain a newsletter or marketing content, include the option to unsubscribe to receive such emails by following the relevant instructions in the corresponding email. If you do not want to continue receiving our emails, you can click on the unsubscribe link and we will stop sending you emails from now on.

If you do not want information about your behavior to be collected and evaluated on our website or application (mobile), you can choose not to participate in the collection of data for Web analytics, as described below in section 9.

If you do not wish to receive promotional information and offers in general, including those communicated by regular mail, by email, by SMS, by phone or by any other electronic means, or if you wish to withdraw your consent, you can also write at any time Rentability & Markets, SL – Tiendetea-, Goya Goya Avenue 19, 50006 – Zaragoza, Spain (with the reference: protection data), or send an email to our Customer Service Department. In case we have doubts about your identity, we can ask you to identify yourself (for example, by sending a copy of your passport). Unlike other usual communication expenses, this is free.

With regard to other types of messages that you may receive, such as maintenance announcements or administrative notifications, the reception of these messages can only be canceled if you delete your account, since those messages are a mandatory part of the user accounts and corresponding use of our websites and applications (mobile). You can also delete your account by sending an email to our Customer Service Department.

5.2 Right of access

You have the right to be informed at all times about your personal data that is stored, about its origin and its recipients, and about the purpose for which this data is stored. You can obtain information about the personal data saved using the contact details of the section on Contact Information indicated below.

5.3 Right of rectification

You have the right to request the correction, addition, deletion or blocking of personal data that has been stored about you. We will notify you within four weeks after receiving your request if we will agree to your request and, in that case, to what extent. If we cannot access your request for any reason, we will let you know the reasons.

6. Information security and data integrity

We adopt appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, use, disclosure or unauthorized access, especially when the processing involves the transmission of data over networks, or any other illicit form of treatment and misuse.

7. Social networks

Our website and (mobile) applications provide social connectors to various social networks. When you choose to interact with a social network, your activity on our website or through our (mobile) applications will also be made available to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If you have logged in to one of these social networks during your visit to one of our websites or (mobile) applications, the social network may add that information to your profile. If you interact with one of the social connectors, that information will be transferred to the social network. If you do not want this data transfer, log out of the social network before entering our websites or applications (mobile).

It is not in our hands to influence this collection and transfer of data through social connectors. Read the privacy policies of these social networks for detailed information about the collection and transfer of personal data, about the rights you have and how to get a satisfactory privacy setting.

8. Web Analytics

The Web analytics services of our website and (mobile) applications are carried out in Tiendetea, and can be transferred in the future to a third specialized company. This means that when you visit our website or (mobile) applications, a cookie will be stored on your computer or mobile device, except when the configuration of your computer does not allow the storage of these cookies (see section 2.1.2).

This also implies that when you visit our website or application (mobile), the Web analytics data described above in section 2 (including navigation data (click-stream), Web beacons data and tracking links and information stored in cookies) will be studied by us or sent to a third company for analysis, on behalf of Tiendetea. Keep in mind that if you have created an online profile on our website or application (mobile) and have logged in to that profile, a unique number that identifies your profile can also be sent to a third company to link it with the data of Web analytics of this profile.

The third company indicated would act as an agent of Tiendetea, which means that Tiendetea is the only one that determines the purpose for which the data is used and that the third company would not disclose the information to any third party (except when required by law or a court ruling). In terms of privacy, this means that Tiendetea is the “responsible for the file or the treatment” and the third company the “responsible for the treatment”. When we assign these services to the corresponding company, this section will be updated and you can access the company’s privacy policy for complete information.

9. Contact information

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or about our privacy policy, you can contact us. Our contact details are:

  • Rentability & Markets, S.L., Goya Avenue nº 19, 50006 – Zaragoza, España
  • Customer service: Telf. 620 87 23 88 – info(arroba) – info(arroba)