Replacement Policy

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What products can I return?
You can return most new products, unopened and managed by Tiendetea within 14 days of delivery, to get a full refund.
Visit our: Return policy

When will I receive the refund?
You will receive the refund when you have completed the process of processing the return and refund. It usually takes 2-3 weeks.
Information: Refund Policy

Replacement Policy

Do I have rights as a customer?
Customers residing in the European Union have have guaranteed by law the right to withdraw from the product purchase contract for 14 calendar days from the day you or a third party that you have indicated (other than the carrier) receives the product purchased or since you receive the last item.
More info: Customer Legal Law

From Tiendetea we want our customers to always be satisfied, so you can always return a product using our on-line Returns Area. But our administrative and management systems require that the product you are going to return or the new one must meet certain requirements.

Products from outside vendors

The products of external sellers that are sent by Tiendetea (from shops but managed by Tiendetea) cannot be replaced. However it is possible to return them to receive the refund.

Gift Products

It is only possible to make a change of a gift if requested by the buyer. If you have received a gift you can always return it to get a refund as a gift voucher. Return products cannot be sent as gifts.

Products sold by Tiendetea

You can change one product for another through our On-line returns area as long as the original product has not been purchased within a promotion, has been paid with a payment card (not a gift voucher) and meets the conditions mentioned below.

Different size or color changes

The return product must be:

  • A size or color different from the product you return
  • Sent and sold by Tiendeta

Returns for shopping cart products

The return product must be:

  • Added to shopping cart in unit quantity only
  • Sent and sold by Tiendetea
  • Not be the same product you return
  • Not having been marked as a gift in the shopping cart